Partners of NODE


As a specialized service provider in the field of Geo-Information and Geographical Information Systems, Tensing GIS Consulting is convinced that all organizations need spatial information. This helps them to understand the world around them. We provide services around the leading GIS and ETL platforms ArcGIS (ESRI) and FME (Safe Software), and are proud Gold partner with Esri and Solution Partner of Safe Software. Within our team we work with a common passion for GIS with permanently developing professionals who are certified in the use of this technology. Our solutions are based on the ArcGIS platform and FME where we work on the basis of Tensing Best Practices. For more information, visit www.tensing.com.


Voort employs technical professionals in a wide range of fields. Both specialists and multi-disciplinary talents. They are putting Dutch technology on the map. Voort brings technical professional together. Who are you? What drives you? What are your ambitions? And most importantly: how can we work together to make them a reality? More than 1000 professionals are employed by Voort, but are hired by one or more of their clients. Do you want to know more or check out your possibilities? Go to www.voort.com or get in touch with one of their consultants.



Imagem provides services and products based on Hexagon Geospatial technologies for reliable processing, analysis, management and delivery of spatial information. Imagem is the official distributor of Hexagon Geospatial in the Benelux, and delivers software, training and support for more insight in imagery. The software products and solutions of Hexagon Geospatial represent reliable processing, analysis, management and delivery of geospatial information. Visit us at www.imagem.nl or contact us at info@imagem.nl.

ESRI Nederland

The mission of Esri Nederland is to help the users of geographical information get the succes the are after. We want to create a world wherein the power and potential of geographical information is used by everyone, everyday and for everything. We believe this will lead to a better understanding of our world and thus to better decisionmaking. ESRI Nederland tries to accomplish this mission by empowering the geographical information users with excellent GIS-software which they can use in useful manners. For more infomation visit www.esri.nl or www.esri.com.


CGI is on of the world's largest IT and Business Process services providers. Its 68.000 members in 40 countries, including 3000 in the Netherlands, provide high-level consulting, system integration and managed services. In the field of IT outsourcing services that allow clients to have both quick wins and long-term results, CGI tries to find the best equilibrium among their stakeholders. They strive to be recognized by clients as their partner and expert of choice with the help of a track record of outstanding delivery, combined with industry expertise, end-to-end services and IP-based solutions. Additionally, they aim to create an exciting environment for professionals, or members, to work in and further their career. For more information visit www.cginederland.nl or www.cgi.com.


Scanopy focusses on helping clients understand and use geographical information software. Their objective is closely related to the chosen company name, a combination between 'scanning' and 'canopy'. This translates itself to first scan for the current situation and demand and thereafter look at the overarching information infrastructure in which information is exchanged. This way they can help clients to organize and optimize their infrastructure and develop the use of it (wize). An extended look at their company mission and objectives can be found at www.scanopy.nl.


Nieuwland Geo-Informatie is a specialized ICT company focused on geographic information. We combine experience in geo-technology with in-depth knowledge of areas as ecology, water, forestry, spatial planning and traffic infrastructure. Nieuwland Geo-Informatie is established in Wageningen to provide advisory and technical assistance to governmental bodies, public and private institutions, to local governments and municipalities as well as their affiliated companies and to international agencies and firms. For more information visit www.nieuwlandgeo.nl.

Over Morgen

Over Morgen is active in two sectors, energy infrastructure and area renewal. They take an advisory role with clients doing projects in these sectors. As the name suggest Over Morgen looks at the future. Considiring energy infrastucture the aim is to find a balance between economy, ecology and society, between generation and use, between the short term and the long term, because what we invest today, we get back tomorrow. When tackling area renewal projects three objectives are of great importance. Keep humans as the central focus, do not look too far ahead and draw from the existing strength of an area. The role and vision of Over Morgen concerning these sectors can be explored in more detail at www.overmorgen.nl.


The Kadaster is not the company that only registers cadastral data anymore. Their portfolio has expanded greatly. They use the the raw cadastral data for visualization purposes that can for example lead to an in depth look at the Dutch housing market. This happens with increased collaboration with other parties that house large amount of data, such as universities and Statistics Netherlands. Exploring their data and making it easily available as open data for everyone to use is an ongoing process the Kadaster is actively involved in. More information on the Kadaster can be found at www.kadaster.nl.


Alliander is an energy network company, that provides a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply. This gives customers access to energy supplies they can always count on. They have the energy they need, when they need it. With a 99,99% reliability of the energy supply, over 75.000 customers who provide their own sustainable energy into the network and network costs of only 20% of the total billing, Alliander is able to succeed in their goals. For more information visit www.alliander.com/nl.


GeoGap creates amazing Geographic Information System applications and services using modern web technologies. GeoGap helps you find the best solution to your company's challenges. With expertise ranging from ArcGIS to Node.js, Geogap has a wide variety of skills available. For more information visit www.geogap.nl.

GIS Specialisten

The boost in GIS use over the years has resulted in an increase in the demand for specialized GIS professionals. This is the motivation behing the origin of GIS Specialisten, which was founded in January 2009 by Pieter Bijen and Marlex de Jong. Due to their expertise and experience in the GIS domain a goal was achieved: to support organisations with the implementation, maintenance and use of GIS. Three sets of services are offered to that extent: recruitement and employment, consultancy and project management, and training courses, workshops and demonstration events. Costumers always benefit from a professionalized approach to ensure the perfect match between the services and the clients' specific needs. For more information visit www.gisspecialisten.nl.


Geo-information belongs to all of us. Mapping out underground cables and pipelines online, looking for the closest shop on the Internet, localising equipment, shaping and directing new spatial developments: without spatial information we will get nowhere. There is a continually growing demand for geo-products and services, but also for substantive analysis of geo-information for planning purposes. And therefore the need for people who are familiar with the world of geo-information: the Geodan specialists. Since 1985, Geodan has grown into one of the leading geo-ICT companies in the Netherlands. Support is given to customers different countries on various geo-information issues by providing advice, interim management, GIS solutions, geographic data, internet solutions and education. For more information visit www.geodan.nl.


Sweco plans and designs the communities of the future. Their work results in sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to electricity and clean water. With 14.500 employees across Europe, the right expertise for every situation can be offered to their customers. As the leading architecture and engineering consultancy in Europe, Sweco is able to carry out projects in 70 countries throughout the world. Solutions developed by Sweco for clients in the public and private sector are software based and provide up-to-date information on their environment. For more information on the company, visit www.sweco.nl.

MWH (now part of Stantec)

We are active members of the communities we serve. That is why at MWH, we always design with the community in mind. This community unites approcimately 22.000 employees working in over 400 locations across 6 continents. We collaborate across disciplines and industries to bring water and infrastructure projects to life. The work begins at the intersection of community, creativity and client relationships. In the Netherlands, MWH is active as a leading consultancy firm in the fields of envrironmental services, soil and remediation, asset management, waste and resources, safety, compliance, and permitting and enforcement. For more information, visit mwhglobal.com or stantec.com.

Antea Group

From city to countryside, from air to water: Antea Group's engineers and consultants have been contributing to our living environment in the Netherlands for years now. We design bridges and roadways, and create residential neighborhoods and water structures. But we are also involved in areas such as the environment, safey, asset management and energy. Under the name Oranjewoud, we expanded into an all-round, independent partner for companies and government bodies. As the Antea Group, we also apply this knowlegde at a global level. By combinding knowledge, also on technical matters, with a pragmatic approach, we make solutions attainanble and workable. Goal-oriented, with an eye for sustainability. In this way, we anticipate today's questions and tomorrow's answers, just as we have been for over 65 years now. For more information, visit anteagroup.nl.