Founded in 2015, NODE is a student association linked to the master program Geographical Information Management and Application, or GIMA in short. As this master is spread out over four Dutch universities (Delft, Enschede, Utrecht and Wageningen) and it attracts multiple foreign students, a link between all the students was needed. NODE is the direct result of this need. Our main goal is to bring the GIMA students together, both inside and outside of the contact weeks. To achieve this goal, activities are organized with either a focus on the informal or education. 

Upcoming Activities

The following activities take place soon, so be sure to add them to your calendar! All activities can also be found on the NODE Facebook, where you can find more information and sign up to save your seat. 




GIMA Piste 2.0

13th of June


Node on a Boat!

4th of July


Contact Information

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Willem Schuylenburglaan 46                                            LinkedIn  
3571 SJ Utrecht                                                               Facebook


Presenting the new board of NODE! 

We are happy to announce the fourth board of NODE:

Chair: Koen Boschman
Vice Chair: Niels Struis
Secretary: Florieke Drenth
Treasurer: Ronja van der Roest
External Committee Chair: Derek van Bochove
Internal Committee Chair: Jasmijn Kok

The coming year, they will be organizing many awesome, social activities as well educational events. Be sure to keep track of the Facebookpage and the website so you don’t miss any of our activities! 😊

Site Update

Currently, we are very busy to bring our website to a new level. Come back from time to time to take a look at the website, to see the new layout develop. 

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