Founded in 2015, NODE is a student association linked to the master program Geographical Information Management and Application, or GIMA in short. As this master is spread out over four Dutch universities (Delft, Enschede, Utrecht and Wageningen) and it attracts multiple foreign students, a link between all the students was needed. NODE is the direct result of this need. Our main goal is to bring the GIMA students together, both inside and outside of the contact weeks. To achieve this goal, activities are organized with either a focus on the informal or education. 

The Internal Committee and the External Committee are now open for application!

Members of NODE can apply for the committees by sending a short motivation, explaining why they want to join the committee to gima-node@uu.nl

The Internal Committee

This committee organizes fun activities all year round, such as sport activties, pubquizzes, beer pong tournaments, social drinks and dinners. Members of this committee seek for adventure, activity and good times! Joining the internal committee is a good way to keep in touch with your fellow student GIMA friends by organizing fun activities for them and with them! The workload of this committee 
is a couple of hours per month.

The External Committee

As part of the external committee, you will help organize activities such as business courses, alumni events and of course the annual GIMA Day. Signing up for the external committee allows you to learn how to organize professional events, gets you in contact with companies and finally; it looks good on your resume! The workload of this committee is only a couple of hours per month, but will increase closer to GIMA Day.


Site Update

We are proud to present you with the new layout of our webpage! You are welcome to have a look at the website, but be aware that the contact form and other contact information has been moved from its own sub-page to the 'About Us' page. It can now be found at the bottom of that page. If you want to get in touch with us, look no further than there!

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