GIMA Trip 2018: Gdansk, Poland

We're pleased to announce you the destination for our very first GIMA-NODE study trip - and it's going to be Gdansk! Below are some answers to questions that students might have about this trip:

  • For whom? 1st, 2nd, 3rd years GIMA students! Alumni can apply, but the priority is given to current GIMA students. 
  • Where to? To Gdansk, Poland! As an EU citizen, you don't need a visa, just your ID card. However, all international students might need their passport and residence card, so please check the entry requirements for your country.
  • When? From 11 until 15 of April 2018. 
  • How? By plane, from Groningen with WizzAir. 
  • Accommodation? Hostel near the city center.
  • What to do there? Gdansk is a port city, with a huge history and a beautiful old town. We will have some sight-seeing, hanging out but not only - NODE is also organizing a GIS related activity. More information on that will follow soon.
  • How much does it cost? Now the most important question: how much it costs? The answer is 150 euros.
  • What is included? In 150 euros are included plane tickets, accommodation, dinner on the first night, GIS related activity and a reserve of 20 euros that we're going to use in case of an emergency. If everything goes smoothly, you'll have the reserve back in the end of the trip
  • What is not included? Travel insurance, train/bus ticket to the airport of Groningen, lunches/dinners and paid cultural activities. Keep in mind, that Poland is quite cheap as a destination, so you don't need to plan a huge budget for eating/going out.
  • How to sign up for the trip? Signing up for the trip can be done by filling in the enrollment form that is prodived in the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5xW66um4wLEUtCsm42s38VlmFmvZNbVyKTwe7_z5mMXGv_g/viewform  
  • Dealines? The 22nd of September is the soft deadline for filling the registration form. The 29th of September is the hard deadline. By then, we should receive the first part of the payment (70 euros). Please, keep in mind that it is not possible to cancel your trip. However, you have a choice to have your money back if you find yourself a replacement. 
  • Limits? Yes, there are limits. The maximum amount of travelers is set to 25 people. So hurry up!
  • 25 or older? For people who are 26 or older on 15.04.2018 a price might be slightly higher due to WizzAir regulations about a student group. However, there are exceptions. Please let us know in advance!
  • What to do now? The only thing you have to do now is to google the average price of a beer in Poland (we're sure it will heavely impact your decision), look at the picture of Old city of Gdansk and to invite your GIMA friends to join you on this trip.