GIMA Day 2017

Welcome to the website of the GIMA Day 2017! We are happy with your interest in this career event for students and companies in the geo-information sector. As GIMA Day committee we, together with our partners, are currently working hard to create a diverse programme. The programme includes a company fair, presentations from several GI-innovators and as novelty on the GIMA Day: workshops where you can get a one hour masterclass in topics of your interest. Also, are you looking for a traineeship or a graduate position in the GI-field, this is your ideal opportunity to get in contact with potential employers. 

Visitor entries for GIMA Day 2017 and the workshops will open here on Monday 20th of November. Get in quick, since we have only a limited amount of places. You can sign up for GIMA Day and the workshops for free via the link listed below. The deadline for signing up is December 10th 2017, if you want to sign up after this deadline you can send an email to gimaday@uu.nl. In this case an entrance fee of 5 euros will be required.

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Workshops Descriptions GIMA Day

Workshop Antea:  “Consulting on the business to consumer market from a geo-data point of view”

From city to countryside, from air to water: Antea Group's engineers and consultants have been contributing to our living environment in the Netherlands for years now. With an ever growing availability and importance of (geo)data combined with curious and driven engineers, a lot of opportunities arise. One of the new opportunities for a consultancy firm is to help not only other businesses (B2B), but also consumers (B2C) for diverse aspects as decision making, knowledge and support. Antea Group is engaging this market in new and innovative ways, combined with the years of knowledge from our business clients. We challenge you to come up with smart and innovative on certain datasets and topics to capture the essence of B2C opportunities with a student point of view on geodata handling and geodata opportunities. This combined with testing of your soft skills on the topic to make get the taste of being a consultant yourself.

Presenters: Erwin van Wingerden, Cesar Blaauwgeers en Patricia ten Rouwelaar. 

Tensing: ‘’ FME: How to complete your GIS work’’

In this workshop Tensing will introduce you to the wonderful world of FME. You’ll learn about the capabilities and wonder why you’ve never used it before. FME is the perfect addition to GIS when it comes to data. It can connect hundreds of different data types and transform them in exactly the way you need. During the workshop we will use data you are probably already familiar with. You will integrate, convert and validate data with the help of this awesome tool. The goal is to get to one fine tuned end product. All other details will be explained on the go!

Presenter: Corné Brünink

Voort: "Personal Branding! What’s in it for YOU?"

You would like to contribute to your own success and to the success of the Geo-industry. You would like to add value to your employer and the world. The question is how do you do that? How do you sell yourself and show your value compared to your fellow peers? How do you present yourself?

In this workshop we will get started. Furthermore, a manager of Voort will inform you of the different aspects of the job market in Geo-information and will introduce you to our network. At Voort we believe strongly in partnerships with fellow employees and clients, which means we share our contacts and knowledge with eachother. 

All your questions will be answered during this workshop. By giving you knowledge, theory and actual examples of the working world in the Dutch Geo-industry, we will help you find what you want and what you’re good at, in order for you to find where you can add value. On top of this you will receive the tools to discover your own passions, skills and talents to create an impact. With all this information you will be able to present yourself in a professional manner that will help you gain the career of your dreams.

This workshop is tailored to everyone interested in knowing more about the professional environment and gaining insight into their added value for their career.

Presenters: Jessica Vosmeer and Joachim van Biemen

 SWECO: "GeoWeb: It is all about the user!" 

Geographical data is everywhere and expanding rapidly. How can we analyze and visualize this data for non-gis experts? In this workshop we are going to dive deep into several web-GIS applications and learn how is it possible to deploy different tools without using programming languages. With GeoWeb (and other applications) we will visualize several data sets and show options to visualize the time element and the other variables. How can we organize lots of data and integrate processes. After all… it is all about the user!

PresentersAnnet Hospers & Adrian Akbari

CGI: "Pros and Cons of Augmented and Virtual Reality in 3D"

Everyone in the GI-world is talking about using 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in their work. We are seeing many opportunities in 4D, 5D and even beyond. However, the question raises: what can we actually do with it and what are the limits of this technique or the obstacles we face? On the basis of two statements and the HoloLens, you will be “working” towards a solution of a case.

Presenter: Robert Voûte

GIMA Day Committee

  • Cynthia de Vos- Chair of GIMA Day Committee
  • Lotte ten Harmsen van der Beek - Vice president and Head Acquisition
  • Betty Kronemeijer - Acquisition
  • Derek van Bochove - Facilities
  • Niels Struis - PR and Marketing
  • Florieke Drenth - PR and Marketing
  • Marije Kootstra - Chair of NODE, Advisor

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