Third board of NODE

At the end of March 2017 we have introduced the Third Board of NODE in Wageningen at cafe Buurman & Buurman. Marije, Lotte, Thijs, Cynthia and Angelina will be responsible for all upcoming events and activities for GIMA students till at least March 2018.

Committees of NODE

As NODE is still a young and small organization, it does not host as much different committees as might be expected from a student association, nor does it need a large amount. Outside of a board, NODE consists of an internal committee and an external committee. A short description of both is provided below.

Internal Committee

The internal committee of NODE takes care of the more informal activities organized for GIMA students. To involve all students as much as possible, these will mostly be organized in the contact periods at the four universities GIMA students visit around the year. These activities can vary from a relaxing BBQ to an intense pubquiz.

External Committee

The external committee takes care of the formal activities that also serve as a calling card for GIMA as a master program and NODE as an organization. The most important of these is GIMA Day, a symposium and company market where students, teachers and companies can share knowledge and experiences. Additionally NODE is involved in multiple Missing Maps events each year.

Do you want to join NODE?

The application deadline has past, but you can always talk to one of the boardmembers if you are still interested.

Pictures of Past Events

Geocaching 2017

 GIMA Day 2 (19 December 2016)

Missing Maps (15 September 2016)

Geocaching Enschede (7 September 2016)

 GIMA Day (6 April 2016)