Upcoming Events

Pub Quiz: 14-12-2017

The first NODE activity of the Utrecht contact weeks will be the most famous NODE Pub Quiz! Join us after your exams, midterm presentation or internships and battle against other students to win the first price! This edition of the NODE Pub Quiz will include many funny questions that will match or even succeed the awesomeness of the questions from previous pub quizes! More information about the time and location will follow soon.

GIMA Day: 18-12-2017

With pride and excitement, we would like to introduce to you the third edition of GIMA Day! This career event is aimed towards both students with interest in the GI field or currently enrolled (Master-) students, as well as professionals who are working in the industry. Guest speakers will start the event with their presentations, followed by a workshop. You can meet inspiring people working with GI during the company fair, and have a drink at the end of the day! You can find more information on subpage 'Gima Day'.

Laser Gaming: 19-12-2017

What better way to have a break from studying, working or listining to lectures all day than by having a laser game contest. On 19-12-2017 NODE will organise a laser gaming activty that requires a small contribution from the participants. More information about the contribution, location and time will follow soon.

Karaoke: 21-12-2017

We will end the contact week of Utrecht with a karaoke activty! Let go of the stress of the contact week by showing off your singing skills or just join us, drink a beer and catch up with all the crazy GIMA/NODE stories. More information about the location of the karaoke activity and the time will follow soon.


Gima trip: 11-04-2018 till 15-04-2018

We're pleased to announce you the destination for our very first GIMA-NODE study trip - and it's going to be Gdansk! In April, around 25 students will be travelling from Groningen to Poland to experience some amazing days that include sightseeing, partying and a GIS related acitivity. For more info you can have a look at the 'GIMA Trip' sub-page.