Upcoming Events


05-09-2017, 16:30: Geocaching 

Geocaching is the very first activity from NODE in this study year, it's meant to help you discover the city of Enschede, get to know your fellow students and (most importantly) to just have fun! This acitivity is meant for first year students. The acitivity will start at 16:30 at the Oude Markt in Enschede.

05/09/2017 19:00: Dinner at Toscana

The geocaching will finish with a nice dinner at Toscana (Pijpenstraat 20) - an Italian restaurant where you can get a three-course dinner and 2 drinks for only 15 euros. The winner of the Geocaching game will be announced during the dinner and will receive their prize! First- and second year student, as well as alumni are welcome to join the dinner. However, we kindly ask you to inform us that you are coming by singing up on the facebook event or notifying us via whatsapp or email. The dinner will start at 19:00.

07/09/17 20:00: Beerpong Tournament

On thursday, Node is organising a beerpong tournament! Come to the ITC Hotel Enschede (room: The Globe) at 20:00 to destroy the competition together with your beerpong partner! Beer for playing beerpong will be provided but you will have to pay a small contribution of 5 euros. To make sure you not only have enough to drink at the tournament but also some small eats, NODE will provide snacks that you can enjoy during your beerpong breaks. We kindly ask you to bring the 5 euros for the beerpong in cash!

12/09/2017 17:30: Sports and Chill

We know that sitting in a chair for a long time is not good for your energy level. We are aware that the first year students are sitting and listening to lectures all day long during the first contact weeks in Enschede. Therefore, NODE organises a sports and chill activity on tuesday. Time to stretch out your legs, play football and many more games to get your energy back! For the people that are not really into sporting there will be enough room to chill and relax in the pieceful nature of the Volkspark in Enschede where the acitivity will take place.


14/09/2017 18:00: Missing Maps + Free Pizza

After the success of last year, this September 14th there will be another Missing Maps event at the Schermerlounge of the ITC Hotel in Enschede. With a big group of volunteers we will help the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders by mapping areas in Azia. The mapping can be done without any mapping experience, so everyone can participate! Pizza and drinks will be provided for, but feel free to bring your own drinks/snacks. Make sure to bring your own laptop, charger and computer mouse! If you want to participate in                                                                                        mapping please let us know by singing up on the facebook event or by sending us an email, so we can estimate                                                                  the amount of pizza and drinks that is needed for the event.